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SSIMONA encourages people who think their art, their creation and their production are aligned with its values:

Respect, honesty and freedom.

They have the desire to do better. They show that by working together it is possible to impose, inscribe and offer ways of doing and thinking that respect nature and people.


SSIMONA collaborates with people that rather reduce their waste than overproduce. This goes together with overconsumption. This means working with brands that produce smaller batches (avoiding deadstock and wasteful overproduction). Creatives curated by SSIMONA are using natural fibers, natural dying process, deadstock materials, upcycled and/or recycled materials. At SSIMONA, it is primordial to respect the same commitment in our daily work habits. 


At SSIMONA, radical transparency is an essential value as it helps us improve our practices and allows us to learn from each other. This is a commitment that will define our choices and the way we communicate. While working on redistribution through donation, SSIMONA is engaged in achieving its B-Corp certification.


At SSIMONA we believe in the freedom to be, to choose and to respect others through kindness. Education, knowledge and curiosity are essentials tools for every soul to be freed from their personal history, their social background and therefore evolve in their life.

Every Action Counts.