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bigger frills


bigger frills handbag is made with a playful design. it features a ruffled trim along the handle and the top edge, adding a touch of whimsy and femininity. the fabric is both very delicate and very durable, ultra light but ultra resistant. it has a textured, slightly crinkled appearance, which contributes to its distinctive look. this handcrafted piece exudes a sense of fun and creativity, perfect for anyone who enjoys adding a bit of flair to their outfit. it is possible to see the seams of the bag and any objects you carry are visible, but not immediately, perfect for laptops, ipad, and everything in between

hand crafted in London

Each piece (clothing, accessory & home object) is checked, repaired and cleaned by us: in excellent condition and of good quality. Whether it is about food, art, music, design, nature, adventure or anything in between or beyond, my selection is made out of love for various subjects as well as my desire to share and perpetuate with you old or contemporary expertises and savoir-faire.

100% cotton dead stock

protect coton from humidity, light, and heat. avoid friction with rough surfaces and contact with water, oil, perfumes, and cosmetics. store your bag in the provided dust bag or wrap it in a soft cloth

for stains, use a cloth with alcohol-free polish

colorpale cream
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