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Bouquets, Fleurs, Feuilles, Fruits


Bouquets, Flowers, Leaves, Fruits, published by Rustica 1994


Anything can be a pretext for creating a bouquet: a flowering branch, a twig, a few leaves, a piece of bark, a cluster of grapes. It's up to you to unleash your creativity by combining volumes, colors, and textures, and playing with associations and contrasts. Throughout the pages, you will learn step-by-step process and draw inspiration to create your own botanical sculptures and compositions


Each piece (clothing, accessory & home object) is checked, repaired and cleaned by us: in excellent condition and of good quality. Whether it is about food, art, music, design, nature, adventure or anything in between or beyond, my selection is made out of love for various subjects as well as my desire to share and perpetuate with you old or contemporary expertises and savoir-faire.