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during our last Mesa gathering, i had the great luck to connect with Marie, a kind soul who likes dancing and vulnerable conversations. She has created a maison for everyone to feel their individuality and embody their personality

ssimona is a space to freely explore what brings joy to our hearts, while connecting with a community of genuine and kind beings. her kindness truly inspired me. in Mesa's journal, you’d see a lot of reflections about kindness: what does it mean to me? in what ways have i been kind to myself and others today? 

it felt natural to us to invite you guys to explore this feeling together. COME FEEL WITH US, is a new series of gatherings where everyone is invited to come explore, live, embody, share together different emotions. this first one, being all about KINDNESS, is a very dear to our hearts

next Sunday, we will enjoy a morning of feeling at home, exploring & experiencing what kindness means to us, through practices of gentleness, presence and love with ourselves and others

just like as we were kids, no need to overthink, everything will be ready for you:

  • a flavorful sweet/salty brunch at the warm ssimona's studio
  •  curated connection & journaling dynamics
  • a mesa journaling kit to bring home with you
  • a pearl workshop with vintage beads: a moment to play & savour the present

Let's welcome the SUMMER together

Each piece (clothing, accessory & home object) is checked, repaired and cleaned by us: in excellent condition and of good quality. Whether it is about food, art, music, design, nature, adventure or anything in between or beyond, my selection is made out of love for various subjects as well as my desire to share and perpetuate with you old or contemporary expertises and savoir-faire.